Richard M. Stallman in Croatia

RMS in Zagreb
RMS in Nasice dancing with folk dancers
RMS in Nasice talking with leader of folk dancers
RMS in Nasice, in local pub known as Acapela
RMS in Nasice, in local pub known as Acapela

As Richard M. Stallman held speech in Slovenia (you can grab MP3s if you want), he visited Croatia shortly. These are pictures from that visit. Click on the picture to see it bigger!

While in Croatia, he visited Zagreb and Nasice. In Zagreb, he visited major historical buildings. In Nasice, besides visiting historical and cultural wealth, he also visited local folk club HKD "Lisinski", where he watched the dancers' rehearsal, and even join them!

If you are interested in Richard M. Stallman, in who he is and what he does, you can take a look at his personal homepage.

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